“This deceptively simple journal notebook makes quick work of a powerful daily ritual that is proven to increase happiness, creativity and productivity.”

Start Strong, End Smart

Start the day strong by getting clear about your strengths and values, and how you will use them. End the day smart by finding solutions to problems, and reviewing what you were excited to learn or get better at, and what you could forgive, just before going to sleep.


Once you establish the habit of writing down a few things you’re thankful for each night, you will automatically start noticing things to be thankful for throughout the day. Thinking about reasons to feel proud is a way of aiming your gratitude at yourself, and burning your most positive behaviors permanently into your brain. Using The Fire Journal will create a lasting habit of taking control of your thoughts, maintaining an evolving understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t, and focusing on gratitude.

What’s Inside

The Fire Journal starts with an explanation of the science behind each part of the daily journal. The remainder of the book is the writing journal. Each right page is divided into two sides; for morning and evening. The spaces are intentionally small to keep this task quick and easy. Each left page is a full blank lined (ruled) notebook writing page, for notes or to write a more detailed journal or diary. A blank index in the front lets you keep track of pages in your journal that you want to find again easily (also for bullet journaling). Size A5. All pages are numbered.


Give The Fire Journal as a gift that shows that you see and appreciate their potential, you believe in them, and you want them to flourish.